DIY Faux Framing Template

+ 12 months access to instructional videos

$24.95 for 1 year

These elegant DIY cardboard frames can be used for

 Paper Craft Artists

Artists’ & Arts Students’ personal work

Creating a home or studio gallery 

Presenting paintings to clients

Showing framed artwork on your website

Super light for hanging in rental properties

Frame a gallery of your children’s artworks 🙂 

Birthday gifts

Christmas gifts

Faux Framing Logo

The DIY Faux Framing template enables you to make lightweight cardboard frames that adjust to any size artworks up to A3 in size.

Easy to follow DIY instructions enable you to make unlimited frames for mounted and unmounted artworks in different colours. Once constructed they look like the real thing. Suitable for Oils, Pastel, Drawing, Paper Craft, Textile Art, Digital Art, Photography, Gouache, Acrylics and Watercolours.

Included in your purchase:
A PDF download of the DIY Faux Framing template + 12 months access to the instructional videos that show you how to create Faux Frames, for mounted and unmounted artworks.  

*Check the materials you will require to make your Faux Frames. 
Material List – click here

  • Recommended for artworks from A6 up to A4 that require mounting and artworks up to A3 that can be framed unmounted.
  • The framing template will adjust in height and width to custom size to prior finished artworks.
  • Frame profile width is 42mm.
  • Learn how to colour your frames.
  • Learn how to crop your artwork before framing.
  • Learn how to create mounts for your artwork.
  • Recommended for adults.

Once you acquire the framing template and the equipment you will be up and running to make endless frames for your ongoing creations at a fraction of the cost of conventional framing.