Material List

Materials you will need to make your frames

Available online & at good art shops

  1. 220 to 250gsm card
  2. A4 Printer to print the template*
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Craft knife & new blade
  6. Framing tape
  7. Mount board
  8. Foam core board
  9. Cutting mat
  10. Steel ruler
  11. Phillips head screw driver
  12. 3mm screws
  13. Small D-Ring picture frame hooks
  14. 2mm thick curtain/blind cord
  15. Spray paint colour of your choice
  16. Book binders awl (or tailors awl)
  17. Brown craft paper
  18. Acetate

*A3 printer only required to print textured papers

Assembly instructions provided upon purchase