About Faux Framing

Welcome to the Faux Framing system. We are excited to announce Faux Framing has partnered with Kurrara Designs. In addition to the DIY framing template for fine artists, an extensive range of textured paper for Arts and Crafters is now available to build into Faux Frames. These exquisite designs by KurraraDesigns.com.au will complement Crafters’ artistry to create professional looking frames that beautifully display their artworks. We start you off with 3 digital wood grain papers that come free with your Faux Framing purchase.

For less than the cost of one conventional frame you can purchase our Faux Framing template once to make an unlimited amount of cardboard frames from the template that look just like the real thing. Our unique DIY framing template is a framing pattern that downloads to your device and prints onto A4 paper, accompanied by easy-to-follow video instructions on how to use the template to make your frames. The template is designed to make robust and durable frames, that also adjusts and custom sizes to any artwork up to A3. Learn to customize the colour of your frames or download our textured paper designs that are included free to create ready made woodgrain finishes. These frames look so professional your family, friends and clients are unlikely to know they are cardboard. Great for studio presentation, gift giving and solo exhibitions. The most ecconomical and professional way to frame and display your artwork available.

Once purchased, the template is yours to keep, with 12 months access to the instructional videos on how to make your frames.

These DIY cardboard frames are an inspiring way for visual artists to see their artworks framed. With the opportunity to frame your work as often as you like, you will push the quality of your artwork and your confidence to a higher level.

The DIY Faux Frames are surprisingly robust once constructed. This makes them easy to handle so anyone can display their work in their home, studio and solo exhibitions. You can either spray paint or use gloss card to be keep your frames dust free. This lighter frame approach is also especially good for renters to hang on temporary picture hooks.

About the origins of Faux Framing

‘These cardboard DIY Faux Frames are a concept I have been developing and working on for more than 10 years for my own personal use. I have experimented with many designs over that time, and more recently have refined the design of this revolutionary DIY Faux Frame construction, which I am delighted to share with you.

When pioneering my DIY Faux Frame system, one of my greatest challenges was creating a cardboard frame, that looked professional, to display my pastel artworks in my studio. Unframed pastel paintings are hard to display, as they are so fragile. With the DIY Faux Framing system, you can now protect and beautifully display your pastel artworks, which in the past you may have packed away out of sight for safe keeping. The mounted Faux Framing template instructions show in detail how to mount and frame your pastel artworks with an acetate overlay.

The Faux Framing system now makes it possible to create your own personal gallery of all your smaller paintings and artworks inexpensively, so that you can professionally display them in your home and studio.

I hope you enjoy these frames in your creative pursuits’. Cathy van Ee


Hear what other artists are currently saying about my DIY Faux Frame System.

“I am a papercraft artist and often make home décor pieces, cards and 3D paper sculptures that can be hung on the wall.   This new Faux Frame system will help me take my work to a much more sophisticated level. I can make a custom frame myself, for all my work.”

Tina W.

“When I first saw Cathy’s Faux Frames, I was blown away!   I couldn’t believe they hadn’t been put together in a framing shop. The spray paint finish is fabulous and the best bit is they are so affordable to make. How good’s that, to be able to paint an artwork, make the frame and hang it all by myself?”

Jodie R.

“Cathy’s DIY Faux Frames have completely revolutionised the way I think about my paintings. Quite often, I wouldn’t finish a painting, as I knew I couldn’t get it framed, so why bother going to the trouble of finishing it? Now I know I can push myself further, to finish every painting I start, knowing that I can frame it myself and display it.”

Kathie K.C.

“When I learned about Cathy’s DIY framing system, I thought this will be perfect for me, as it’s so light to handle I can hang all my artworks in my rental property without marking or damaging the walls. Now I’ll get to see and enjoy the artwork I love in my home.”

Samantha R.

There will be so many other uses that people will come up with and I hope you write to me and send me a picture to let me know.
Wishing you all the best with your ongoing creativity from start to framing finish. Cathy van Ee